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Our shop located in Soi Welcome Town, Pattaya Klang Road.

We are open from 10 AM - 8 PM everyday includes public holidays.

The registration has to be made in person at our shop. You have to show up at least once for the verification. Your photo will be taken and the contract has to be signed by both customer and our company’s representative.

Your original passport and deposit 250/1000 THB will be required for the registration.

Please contact our staffs for key renewal. One set of keys will cost 4,000 THB and will take about 4-7 working days to have the new keys ready.

We allowed up to 2 owners per one locker. The 2nd owner has to show up at least once our shop for a verification in the same time with the 1st owner.

There are three options:

  • 1. Second Owner : Second owner can access to your locker with or without you as long as they hold the key. They’ll have the equal rights as the owner of your locker.
  • 2. Emergency contact : You can write down your emergency person’s contact is case If any unexpected happen, they will have to bring along death certificate or doctor certification letter stating that the owner cannot come by themselves due to lack of consciousness or coma.
  • 3. Based on the letter of the will or as required by law. In case of deceased, heir at law such as wife, children, parent or relative will have the right to access the locker by law.

There are 3 types of payments for contract extends. By cash or credit card at our shop, by bank transfer or online payment by PayPal.

We will notify customers via SMS and emails whenever your parcel is received.

Yes, as long as the receiver’s name and mailbox number is matches with your given details. So we can see the letter/parcel is belong to you.

We do keep big parcels in the back of our office. Please inform your name and mailbox number to the staff when collecting.

Usually courier company notify receivers through phone call or email before delivery. Once you know the amount of tax fee, you can drop that amount of cash prior with our staff, so they can pay to collect your coming parcel.